At ECFS, we take pride in providing quality education and training to our students.


We are very proud to offer some of the best, finest and experienced Firefighter/Firefighter Instructors in the region. 

Russell Barberi

Christopher Bray

Robert DeGaetano

Eric Deschamps

Bruce Dixon

Robert Duval

William Eyberse

George Gillette

Alan Hawkins

Arthur Heon

Kevin Ide

Kori Kelly

Shawn Kinkade

Daniel Larson

Philip Lee

Donald Lee

Michael Lindy

Thomas Martin

Charlie Miclette

Roger Miles

Heather Mislivets-Ahern

Chad Molochnick

Scott Morris

Thoedore Morrissette

Ronald Mott

Joseph Murray

Jeffrey Post

Stephen Postemsky

John Roache

Cristina Schoeck

Nancy Shull

Les Shull

Robert Smith

Peter Starkel

John Wylie